Civil & General Construction

Scofield Dam Modification

BODEC was part of the Scofield Dam Modification project. With various partnerships and funding for this project, we were proud to be one of many teams working to restore the former Blue Ribbon trout population of Lower Fish Creek.

Sewer & Water Pipelines

Upgrade of special service
district pipelines.

Trenching & backfilling. Install corrugated polyethylene (PE) pipe, couplings, and fittings for use in surface and subsurface drainage applications. Install ADS, PE and PVC pipe for water and sewer applications. Reconstruct concrete manholes. Install fire hydrants, valves, meters, and gauges.


Construction of Irrigation Bridges

Build roads and trails for bridges. Construct concrete abutments for bridges. Install drive and walking bridges constructed out of railway cars.


Drilling &
Site Utilities

Build locations for natural gas pump sites. Trenching and installation of HDPE gas and water lines and valves. Installation of cattle guards and fencing.