Substations & Switchyards

PV Collector Substation

54/72/90 MVA, 138kV- 34.5kV

Eastern Utah substation collects three PV circuits of solar array power and feeds into the grid after stepping up the voltage to the 138kV transmission level.

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Construction of Municipal Substation in Idaho

36/48/60 MVA, 161-46-12.47kV, 5 outputs with 12.47kV feeders, 1 output with 46kV feeder.

Electrical, Civil & Structural Construction. Install 46kV & 12.47kV feeder outputs. Tie in 161kV line. 3rd-party NETA Testing.


Construction of Municipal Substation in Utah

12/16/20 MVA, 69kV – 12.47kV, 3 outputs with 15kV feeders.

Procurement of equipment. Electrical, Civil & Structural Construction. E-House (CMU) Building Construction. Tie-in 46kV line. 3rd- party NETA testing.